A friendly reminder from Mr. Squidoo

For all the praise that Web 2.0 gets in the media (I’m looking at you, Time Magazine), it often becomes cliche to tout it, but while reading this week’s (newly designed) Marketing Magazine, I came across something that made me want to – briefly – stand up and sing it’s praises. Again.

In a column written for the mag, Seth Godin, whose name is likely going to pop up a lot in this space, reminds us that the net is a place where a niche can really take off. While doling out some tips as to how his new biz, Squidoo, has found its unique and growing audience, he shares this:

“Computers make it easier than ever to offer infinite variety, and now consumers are beginning to demand it.”

Not exactly Dr. King’s ‘I have a dream’, and not really much more than a reminder of something that marketers should already know – some just seem to do a great job of forgetting… or at least suppressing. As much as you can find a niche market by tacking up posters at a skate park or buying an ad during Holmes on Homes, it’s the net where niche is really taking off. And it will be interactive platforms where this will continue to happen.

For a consumer, engaging a niche brand is about making something yours, and what better way to do this than to spend a little time with it, personalize it and then know it’s going to be there for you whenever you want it? That is the essence of niche and, as Godin’s statement captures – consumers are demanding this. Shouldn’t we be listening to their demands?
Thanks for the reminder, Seth.