You win. You always do.

Farrell meets his matchHopefully most of you recognize this quote but really have no idea what it has to do with niche marketing. If that’s the case, let me explain how. If you already know where I’m going with this, go ahead and skip down to the next post.

The quote itself is taken from an old Will Farrell SNL bit. It was actually intended to make light of the fact that a taxidermied big horn sheep had a mastery over Robert Goulet in staring contests, but taken out of context, it’s also a fantastic motto for marketers to keep in mind when dealing with customers in the Web 2.0 world.

The reality is that the tools of web 2.0 and the growing savvy of the online audience have combined to ensure that brands on the net will never be the same. The audience simply has too much control at this point. This brings up the increasingly crucial notion of ‘prosumers‘ (I love hybrid buzz words) replacing consumers in our marketplace. This is something that is becoming harder and harder to forget when launching any marketing campaign on an interactive platform (and increasingly, even in the physical world).

So write it down. Tack it up over your desk – heck, it might even give you a chuckle when you read it. But the reality is, trying to market anything online these days without first coming to grips with the fact that today’s prosumers are going to find some way to take control of your brand, is like staring down that unblinking big horn yourself.

So beware, because you’re going to lose – and when you eventually blink, the results might not be as comical.

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  • Barrie Real Estate

    What a nice post. Thanks for clearing what is the real meaning of that quote. I better share this with my networking pals since they are kind of losing hope in their business.