Awaiting the Boom

A lot of people who like things like statistics will tell you that a significant chunk of our population – a chunk that even people who don’t like statistics like to call ‘Boomers’ – is getting older. A lot of people will also tell you that these Boomers, in addition to having one of the coolest generational nicknames that I know of, are going to be some of the savviest, wealthiest and most stylish and influential ‘old people’ that the world has ever seen…

.. and I can’t wait to see what marketers cook up to take capitalize!!

Already in the US a network, Retirement Living TV, has launched to target programming specifically to this aging group of trend setters. But what’s going to happen when everyone catches on? I can’t wait to see a world of reality shows based in retirement communities, GAP Senior, iPods with hearing aid attachments and Bridge tables on the floor in Vegas.
I mean, sure the kids control a lot more household income than ever before, but why steer clear of a consumer who knows exactly what they want, how they want it and has direct access to the disposable income to make it happen?!?!?

For anyone who can get in on the ground floor and tap into this burgeoning niche market, I think it’s safe to say, business will be Booming.

**Please excuse the abusive use of puns in this post.