The times, they are a-changin’…

…but you already knew that.

And as any supporter of newly minted President Obama will tell you, change is good. But if you take a visit to the nitchblog, these days, a keen eye might notice that I’m kinda falling behind the times. How do you follow me on Twitter? Where’s my facebook Connect plugin? Why is the site ugly? Ok, that last one isn’t exactly media-related, but you get the idea.

The nitchblog has fallen behind the times. An out-of-date version of WordPress, no distinguishable personal brand, a lack of useful plugins and opportunities to connect and discuss. The neglect is palpable. However, the biggest issue with my neglect is that nitch is all about targeting and connecting with specialized audiences, and my own poor blog maintenance has compromised my ability to do that.

A sneak peak at what's to come...So call it a new years resolution, call it what you will, but I’m fixing it. All of it. And when relaunches shortly (I’ve learned its never good to put specific timelines on these things) it’s going to be bigger and better than ever! In addition, the site will now become the true home of my consulting business to help connect content and consumers and will sport a pervasive personal/company brand you can look for whenever you find me on the net.

In addition, the nitchblog will be back and better than ever! In the future, I’ll hopefully even be able to expand the depth and breadth of content available here. One step at a time. For now, please sit tight while I put on my programmer hat (a look I’m not yet sure I can pull off) and rip this baby apart at the seams.

To recap. Things to look forward to:

  • A whole new look for the site
  • A proper new multi-page layout
  • A new brand that will follow me around the internets
  • A much better description of what exactly it is I do
  • All new blog posts
  • Several more months of recession

It should be noted that I have no control over that last one.

Looking forward to inviting everyone back to see the renovations shortly!


  • Zaid Rasid

    Sounds exciting! Good luck!

  • Zakir Hemraj

    Just move to Blogger and forget about the maintenance.