Introducing nitchCraft: Exploring how entrepreneurs connect with niche audiences through media and content

It’s an exciting day today at the nitchblog as I’m introducing a new feature this week that I’m calling ‘nitchCraft’.  Personally, I think it’s a clever title, but the jury’s still out!

The idea behind this series is to explore the “craft” of niche as it relates to content in the digital and social media spaces.  To do this, I’ll be conducting (hopefully) fun and (potentially) informative interviews with a diverse collection of business owners, content creators and entrepreneurs who are using the interwebs to engage, grow and monetize their audience.  Other than that common thread, it’s my hope to bring you the most random collection of treasures possible from around the web and back.

Will I join the pantheon of great interviewers?  Unlikely.

Will I join the pantheon of great interviewers? Unlikely.

I hope everyone enjoys the interviews I’ll be posting with the some incredibly diverse niche business and content producers from around the web.  If all goes to plan, you’ll learn some valuable lessons from their experiences and be compelled to leave comments for my interview subjects, and this will be a learning opportunity for all of us!

Looking forward to bringing you back tomorrow for the first installment of nitchCraft.  A new one will launch every second Tuesday moving forward so please feel free to be in touch if you know a business or content product that would be perfect to learn from!

For now, I’d love to hear if you have any thoughts on nitchCraft?  Love or hate my “clever” title?  Know a great niche property or business I should definitely be talking to?  Looking to learn anything specific about the way that our evolving media world is changing everyone’s ability to target and connect with audiences?  I’d love to get your thoughts below:

  • SusanGreene

    I like the title. Very clever. I enjoying hearing about the niches people choose for their businesses. Look forward to reading your posts.

    (Niche Bitch)

  • Andrew Lane

    Thanks for the comment, Susan – glad you like the title! There'll be a new nitchCraft post every second Tuesday so be sure to check back :-)

  • evelynso

    Good title, easy to remember! To begin with, would love to learn from those who have excelled in crafting their niche, how they got from A to B. Look forward to more of Nichecraft and let me know if I/people I know can help!!


  • Andrew Lane

    Thanks for your comment, Evelyn! If you know of anyone creating great niche content, please put them in touch with me – I’d love to share their story.